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ST. ALBANS, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- On Tuesday, St. Albans Mayor Scott James suggested possible ordinances to the St. Albans City Council. Council members voted to move forward with the processes that would create the ordinances.

The ordinances would prohibit sleeping on public property without authorization, as well as dumpster diving.

"We're going to attack some of the symptoms of the problem" Mayor James said, referring to the problem of homelessness in the area.

Eddie Chandler has had a business in St. Albans for 60 years. He said he has seen the homeless population increase throughout the years.

"In a large town they accept it as a problem, but I think people are shocked that a little town like St. Albans has so many people that are that way," Chandler said.

Sider Boutique promotion Top Sperry Flats The city council also approved a motion that would include standard trash cans in the dumpster diving ordinance.

Mayor James said the penalty for disobeying the ordinance is up for discussion between the council. He said most trespassing consequences are citations or fines until the third offense. For the third offense, the person would be taken to jail.

Mayor James said this is another step towards making St. Albans more desirable for people moving to the area.

"If I'm driving them around trying to show them St. Albans and places they could possibly open a business and they see a guy sleeping on a bench or something like that, that's a deterrent to people coming to St. Albans," James said.

Now that the council has voted to continue the process, a city attorney will write the ordinances. Then, the council will have two readings for each ordinances before they become law.

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